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How To Rename Database

Sep 2, 2011 at 7:42 PM

I am working on implementing HYdroserver website and Hydroserver capabilities database on my server. This gave me incentive to clean house, and have inventoried all the services/databases I have in SQLServer and have decided to delete a few and rename the rest.

I have created a table of all the services/databases including Db name, Network Vocab (as seen in HIS Central), DataSource string and new db name.  indicator if it is a database I would like to delete. 

Maybe I would have to

  1. Rename the database in SQLServer
  2. Rename each folder on the server in P:\wateroneflow
  3. Open the IIS manager and rename/redirect the services there
    1. Edit the Aliases for each
    2. Change the Network name in each web service
    3. vocabulary for each will remain = FLWI
  4. Then go to HIS central and request a harvest?

Thanks for your help,