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Security and Access Control

This page describes the security and access control system for HydroServer.

The following documentation downloads are available for the HydroServer Security and Access Control System. They may require Adobe Reader

Functional Requirements

This document contains the functional requirements for the HydroServer Security and Access Control System.


The following presentation provides a high level overview of the HydroServer Security and Access Control System.

Sequence Diagrams (WORK IN PROGRESS)

The following sequence diagrams describe specific processes that have been identified as requirements in the design for HydroServer security and data acces control. Each sequence diagram was formulated to identify the key functional requirements that the systems designed for each process will have to support. These diagrams also show the interaction of the system components and are being used to help define the interfaces and messages transmitted between components.

Design Documentation (WORK IN PROGRESS)

The design document contains all of the sequence diagrams and text describing them. It also contains the design for the application programmer interfaces (APIs) that support security and access control on a HydroServer.

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