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I have a big problem when testing the metadata fetcher downloading process (from local data source) in hydrodesktop 1.6 and 1.5 also.

I am using win 7, iis 7.0, MS SQL server 2005 express, hydrodesktop 1.6, MSXML6.1, Visual Studio 2012. Because we don't have a server so i installed all of the softwares above in my laptop. I crea...

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Can't Import Data File

I am trying to import a test CSV file. It looks just like the sample CSV format, but when I go to upload a box pops up saying: 'The page at www.(myserver).net says: true <!--Hosing24 Analytics Co...

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download timeout with HydroDesktop

Hi, Is there a way to speed up a query or get rid of the timeout in HydroDesktop? here's a link to our services and I would appreciate any help t...

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Can't update Local Spatial Reference CV with ODM Tools

When trying to update local spatial reference CV with ODM Tools, I am receiving the attached error message.

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WebClient_PHP does not expose SampleMedium

WebClient_PHP does not expose SampleMedium, and that's a problem for us. We measure temperature two or three ways, sometimes four or five depending on the site. Some of them are air, some are water...

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Error Updating Spatial References CV

In trying to update my local Spatial References CV, I am consistently receiving the attached error.

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"Input string was not in correct format"

I'm using mysql 5.5 and WaterOneFlow Web Services (whatever the current version is). I have a database populated with my Sites, Sources, and Variables (and SeriesCatalog's), but no DataValues yet....

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HydroServer Interactive - can't display water temperature in graph

This is a comment from Marie Pengilly in the IDAH2O project, "In the Graph View, you can’t view water temperature. I was trying to get a screenshot of a graph with air temperature and water tempera...

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HydroServer Interactive - Typing an Apostrophe Error

Comment from a user: Whenever I type in the text boxes and put an apostrophe (for example Coeur d’Alene) it gives an error message. This occured on the bio assessment form when typing in the "Other...

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ODM for MySQL - duplicate records in datavalues table

Originally reported by Silvano Pecora and confirmed by Jiri Kadlec: The MySql version of ODM is not correct in handling the index in the table datavalues, which is totally different in comparison ...

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