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Separate the Authorization from Authentication

Project 1: Add Roles to be used for Authorization to access data

We will need this, no matter what system we choose.
  • adding auth database in front of (one or more ODM datasources)
    • What Series have access control (from which source)
    • we know who you are (trust project 2)
      • can does user have the role that allows them to access data
      • what data have you access
    • UI to manage applying roles to data series

Project 1.1

  • update generic web services to accommodate authorization service

Project 2: Look at Authorization Service

  • Who you are
  • What solutions are out there: Federated/central
    • cloud based
  • What is needed to integrate with Authorization System (project 1)

  • It needs to be a service that a small user community can install and manage

OAuth 2:
Simple Web Token:
Azure Appfabric Access Control (also Windows Server AppFabic)
WIndows Identity Foundation:

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