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HydroServer for PHP - coding rules

TFS for source code management procedure

  1. Open Visual Studio, go to source control. Select files and folders that you will be working on and select Check out for edit.
  2. In Dreamweaver edit the PHP and HTML files and test them on http://localhost/his/client/ in a web browser
  3. In visual studio source control explorer select Check-in pending changes. This will upload the modified files to codeplex.

Rules for deleting files

  • Only delete files using Visual Studio source control explorer. Don't delete the php or html files in windows explorer or dreamweaver.

Rules for adding files and folders

  • After you created a file or folder, go to Visual Studio source control explorer, right-click on the parent folder and select Add items to folder.

PHP coding rules

  • Always validate user input
  • Always validate input from $GET and $POST
  • Use wampserver for local testing
  • Test code on local server before uploading it to the remote server.

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