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HydroServer Website

The HydroServer Website is a Web application that was created to present the capabilities of a HydroServer. It is intended to present the list of regions for which data have been published, the list of observational data services hosted by the server, the list of spatial data services hosted by the server, and the relationships between services and the regions they represent.

The HydroServer Website connects to the HydroServer Capabilities database and automatically generates much of the content on its pages from content within the database. Because of this, HydroServer administrators can add new regions and services to their HydroServer Website simply by adding their descriptions to the HydroServer Capabilities database.

Software Manual

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pamaishlin Mar 7, 2011 at 6:37 PM 
Still need date/time selection improvement on query as noted above. On the drop down list of variables, it would be effective to have only the variables for the specific region selected appear.
Secondly, I have encountered non-specific download of a series requested. For example, seven series are listed, I check the box for the one series I want to download. I click on download. After a few minutes, the download is complete. However, I find that I've been given the datavalues included in all seven series combined.

pamaishlin Jul 8, 2010 at 12:15 AM 
Can Qualifier be added to the field options (HydroServer Data Query/Download), in spite of series vs datavalue level conflict?

pamaishlin Jul 8, 2010 at 12:08 AM 
HydroServer is testing well for our group in its many utilities. Requested improvement (or instructions to correct oversight on my side): On the Data Query/Download page of HydroserverWebsite, I would like to be able to type in the date/time range, esp, year, rather than being limited to the drop-down calendar that requires me to advance/retreat one month at a time. Also, it would be useful if the variables were listed alphabetically, or if a type-in box for the first few letters of a variable would prompt scrolling to the variable in the list of variables.